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High-quality Polyester Needle Punched Plain Moquette

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Needle punched flooring moquette carpetsupplier Moquette plain style

Moquets are textured flooring that can be woven or non-woven and are produced from different fibers and in different ways, depending on the variety of applications. Polyester Needle Punched Plain Moquette, or so-called non-woven moquette is made by compressing non-woven fibers with glue and resin between cylindrical rollers using heat. If you are one of those people who are interested in the environment and recycling products, carpet made of polyester fibers can be a good choice for you.


Needle punched flooring moquette carpet

Needle punched flooring moquette carpet Flooring moquette carpet is used to cover the floor surface and is made of natural or synthetic fibers. moquette is one of the types of flooring that creates a lot of comfort for you and gives a special character to the house. A moquette is a floor covering that has been used for a long time to insulate cold spaces to create a warm surface under the feet. Moquette is a soft and flexible flooring that has gained more fans these days. With the advancement of technology and the invention of new devices, the design and production of moquette have also changed a lot. All kinds of moquette carpet flooring are sold in the market. Flooring moquette carpet is used in different parts of the house.

  • kitchen
  • Reception hall
  •  bedroom
  •  Corridors
  •  Stairs

To choose the color of the moquette as the floor of the house, choose a color that matches the decoration of the house. Neutral colors are suitable for most spaces, and lighter colors can make small spaces look bigger. Moquette carpet flooring with dark colors does not show pollution and stains and can make the space more luxurious. moquette is available in a variety of colors and designs to give a more beautiful look to your home decor.

supplier Moquette plain style

With a long history of producing Moquette plain style, this brand is one of the oldest manufacturers and suppliers of moquette plain style in the country and produces a variety of Moquette plain style. Needle punched flooring moquette is the same as felt moquette. Felt moquette is one of the most popular flooring used in the floors of houses, which is produced by putting together non-woven fibers. For the production of felt moquette, or Needle-Punch, non-woven fibers are used together and the fibers are pressed together with cylindrical rollers using glue and resin. After producing felt moquette, four different processes are used to create various designs on felt moquette. In the needle felt moquette, the designs are worked on the moquette using a needle. Felt moquette has been used for many years along with other floor coverings in homes. Felt moquette is made in less time than carpet, it is much more affordable than carpet, which makes felt moquette significantly more popular. Felt moquette can be considered the oldest moquette among the various types of moquette.

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