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Customized Color Plain Carpet suppliers

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Customized Moquette Carpet Commercial Use Office Carpet

Carpeting is one of the most used floor coverings in interior decoration design that has attracted consumers attention since ancient time.Many great designers and architects use customized color plain carpetĀ as a first choice for residential, office and hotel spaces because of their variety in design and color.

Customized Color Plain Carpet suppliers

Customized Moquette Carpet

Customized Moquette Carpet moquette carpet is usually made of acrylic, polypropylene and polyester materials or a combination of them.The moquette carpet can be used both as a coating and as a thermal and acoustic insulator.moquette carpet is used as floor coverings and corridors for buildings, cars, aircraft, trains and other vehicles.In the Iranian market there are different types of carpets with different shapes and sizes that are produced domestically and abroad.What is certain is that if we want to have a quality product at the same time, some domestic brands have the ability to compete with foreign types and are also cost effective.

In the past, there were issues such as time, cost, produce a custom moquette carpet, but the development of carpet dyeing technology, and the ability to print and design moquette carpet designers, made custom carpeting a cost-effective solution.It has been a hassle and made the moquette carpet design and color variety a truly unrestricted theme.

Commercial Use Office Carpet

Commercial Use Office Carpet Office carpets and commercial carpet types, in addition to being resistant to high traffic, have a wide variety of colors, designs, and dimensions.By choosing the right carpet colors and patterns for the space you want, you can create highly modern combinations that take the chaos out of your space and bring the design boldness to the mind.Choosing an intelligent element such as a carpet drives the design of space to a higher level.

Office carpet is a type of Discount Carpet designed for office use.This type of carpet has two types of tiles and rolls.The tiles are square in size and are generally 50 by 50 cm in size and have thick plastic outsole.These carpets cling to each other like flooring.Due to the variety of designs of this type of carpet and the type of carpet production, different colors and designs can be put together.

Cartridge roller cartridges, like other roll cartridges, are just the type of texture and design that determine their type of use.Innovation in Tafting technology in Carpet Companies and the use of laminating system and the provision of products with solid, non-detachable layers Print and polyamide and IPAC are among the advantages of office carpets.Washable, sluggish, as well as waterproof, moisture, odor and soil insulating properties are other office cartridges.Office cartridges come in a variety of models and color schemes and all the aforementioned capabilities for use in office and commercial areas.Hotels and conference rooms are convenient.

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