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Which Country is the First Rank of Exporting Wall to Wall Carpet?Biggest Wall to Wall Carpets Competitor with IranWhich Places Need Wool Carpet Wall To Wall?How Factories Weave Wool Carpet Wall To Wall?When Using Wall to Wall Carpets in Home Become Famous?Why Wool Carpet Wall To Wall Always Have Boom?What Makes You a Big Wool Carpet Wall To Wall Producer?How Wall to Wall Carpet Exports Help Economy of Iran?Which Type of Wall to Wall Carpets is the best for Export?What are the factors of Being Exportable Wall to Wall Carpet?

Wool Carpet Wall To Wall : The carpet fibers produced in the Iranian market are divided into the following categories: quality, durability, sunlight resistance and return to the initial state after being subjected to heavy load, depending on the type of fiber used in the products. For this reason, it is recommended to check product specifications, usually on sample product samples available in stores and dealers, before purchasing. Types of carpet fibers: Natural fibers: These types of carpets do not adversely affect the desirability of indoor air, although the value and price of these carpets is higher than the price of carpets made of synthetic fibers. Materials used in this type of carpet:  Wool: Despite the high price, natural appearance, and durability, this product has become a favorite of designers for carpet and carpet. Wool) in the long run do not lose their state. The sofas do not stay on these carpets and absorb moisture.  Silk and wool blend: Silk is a luxurious and soft type of flooring and is often used in wool blends. Synthetic fibers: If you look at the market, most carpets on the market are synthetic fibers. These carpets also come in a variety of colors and designs that look like natural fibers. Nylon: Used in many synthetic yarn carpets. Various colors, flexibility and easy washing are the characteristics of these fibers. Polyester This material has a lower flexibility than other fibers. The distinctive features of the fibers of polyester carpet fibers can be their softness and resistance to stain and their reasonable price.

Which Country is the First Rank of Exporting Wall to Wall Carpet?

sears wall to wall carpet : Buying a carpet is not a chore! The number of times you may go to the carpet market for a lifetime is very small, so carpet makers and retailers can confuse you with false advertising. In the end you will have a carpet that is not suitable for your home decoration. Sellers are not to blame for this. Of course, they either have little or no awareness of carpet features. However, you should know that carpet weight is not a factor in the quality of the carpet. It may increase the carpet density but it will be rough and rough. The dealer comes to you with a good head, introduces a few carpet models, and finally you stay between the two carpets! The seller says both are alike but are they really alike? No, at this time you should ask the seller what is the carpet fiber. Fiber is the most important factor in determining the quality of a carpet. Wool fiber carpets: Wool fibers are one of the natural fibers in the carpet manufacturing industry. Wool carpets are the softest carpets on the market and last a long time. Sellers say carpets are nature-friendly, but you have to spend a little money to buy them. Of course, most carpets manufactured in Iran are nylon fibers. Nylon fibers have different types.

Biggest Wall to Wall Carpets Competitor with Iran

wall to wall carpet deals: Nylon fiber carpets (polyamide): Most carpets manufactured in Iran are of the same type.  They are relatively soft but quickly become dirty. Carpets with other synthetic fibers: Polyester and olefin fibers are also part of the fibers used in the carpet making industry, though they lack softness and durability. If you are looking to buy one of these two types of fibers for a good price, you should buy a polyester carpet fiber carpet. They are resistant to contamination and have a relatively good durability. Don’t underestimate the impact of lifestyle on buying the right carpet. The first family should buy a cartridge that is more durable than people’s traffic and more resistant to contamination. But the second family has no such requirements. Also consider buying a carpet for your residence. You may be aware that natural fibers such as wool are not suitable for humid and temperate climates such as the northern provinces of our country and are prone to mildew. For luxurious and luxurious rooms, you might want to consider buying neutral carpeting. Don’t go for long lint carpets for your living room or small bedroom. Try to fit in, buy shorter carpet and buy large carpet for large spaces. For the children’s room, think of the child as more than just a beauty. Your child is not a dedicated CEO who always sits at a desk and in a chair.

Which Places Need Wool Carpet Wall To Wall?

carpet wall to wall prices : Many people cover all or part of their homes with carpets or carpets, but often, when going to the market for carpeting, they do not know what good and high quality carpeting is. It may be useful: first determine what carpet you want, how much you are going to spend and how much you are bothering to clean it. Old-fashioned carpets, cheap but lightweight flooring and even coarse-grained, are quick and easy to wash. If plush carpets are installed in high places, they will be cooked and crushed sooner. Long-sleeved compressive textures are best suited for high-profile areas. Long-sleeved soft-sleeved carpets that are simple and patterned, ideal for softer seating, easier walking, and warmer for colder areas, and for those with a tendency to have headaches They are good, though they are harder to keep clean. Castings, especially hair, appear brighter and earlier on bright colors. Dark colors also show the effect of sitting in the dust. The highlights are smoother and more beautiful, but they are harder to clean and clean compared to flat carpeting.

How Factories Weave Wool Carpet Wall To Wall?

wall to wall carpet sale : Before buying, also check the back of the carpet for the quality of the material or type of knot. The closer the knots are and the higher the density and compactness of the tissue, the greater the carpet strength. Cheating is more common in famous brands. Buy these items from the dealership to avoid counterfeit goods with inferior materials instead of the original. Be sure to also ask for and consider the warranty period and warranty service and warranty criteria. When installing make sure all parts are on one side for sleep. If you have children, buy a carpet that will be soft (for increased safety). The child will fall asleep, have less dust, and be easily washed (the growth and reproduction of micro-organisms and magnifying insects, such as mite and dwarf, cause asthma among the puppies). They have more sputtering and therefore spots appear on the carpet sooner (unless you are a less tolerant and lazy parent, This makes washing dirty carpet and increase the safety of children is earlier). On the top floors of apartments, high pile carpeting Now hop to the sound of falling objects’s children and neighbors constantly complained about not lower floor. The sounds in the lower floors sound louder and more annoying. Cover small rooms with single carpeting to make it look bigger, but the beauty is for large rooms with more carpeting designs that have colorful and varied designs.

When Using Wall to Wall Carpets in Home Become Famous?

cheap wall to wall carpeting: One of the main advantages of carpeting is that it is considered as a warm flooring and is the best choice for floor coverings in cold months. If you are determined to use cheap carpeting to cover the floors of your home, experts will provide you with more information on the types of carpets available in the market in Iran today. It is very comfortable with your taste and lifestyle. However, there are still some tips to be aware of that will lead you to a thorough and thorough research. When buying a carpet and installing a carpet, consider the following: Compact and high-quality carpets are best for covering high-traffic locations, while velvety-textured carpets cannot be used because they are crushed. They have more and therefore have a longer shelf life. On the other hand, it is very easy to move and replace higher quality carpets when changing decoration. As you know, carpets are one of the main decoration items of any room, and since carpet covers a large part of a room, so When choosing a carpet, the principles of proper color should be taken into account. The important thing about carpet color is that the carpet color when brought home after purchase is brighter than when the carpet was in the shop. Always the color you see in the shop is darker than the color you see at home. This is a kind of natural vision error and you should keep it in mind when choosing a carpet color. Another thing to consider is how the carpet color looks on the scale of a room, and how it affects the entire room. Light carpets, for example, make the room more open and dark carpets make the walls look closer together and create a sense of intimacy. Neutral colors are the best choice for carpet color because neutral colors are easily matched to other colors, and if the carpet color is neutral in the room, it is easier to use different colors for different colors. Choosing a quality carpet with a neutral color is the best choice when buying a carpet because it is both durable and easily coordinated with a variety of decorations and layouts.

Why Wool Carpet Wall To Wall Always Have Boom?

living room flooring : As we know in the interior design with carpeting materials with common colors in the field, it helps a lot with the interior design of the home. Even if you want to use different colors, the carpet can be smoothed with a blanket or curtain. Stone and parquet can be used in the living room. The corners of the room can be ceramic stone and the majority of the floor area is either laminate or parquet. One mistake our builders make to meet the housing market demand is to use these two hard and cold materials for the home flooring. In the case of interior decoration, the use of these two materials for flooring is rejected. Parquet, laminate, carpet and flooring of this model should be used for the floor of the house and this is because of our sense of purpose. These home flooring materials are warm materials. Warmth not in color, because we can use any color even cold colors like blue. Warm because the nature of these materials is that you can walk on bare carpet. It can be warmed by using carpeting to set the home temperature. Even in parquet floors, it is recommended to use carpeting for the bedroom flooring, as carpeting is warmer than parquet flooring and using this material when entering a bedroom for a rest provides a more relaxed feeling. he does. Ceramic stone flooring is only suitable for commercial and office environments, public spaces and lobbies, and because of its cold and harsh nature, it is not suitable for the decoration of residential environments.

What Makes You a Big Wool Carpet Wall To Wall Producer?

Carpet Floor Design From the beginning of home decoration design to the point of complete implementation and how your home decoration is what you want it to be, carpet flooring has a direct connection to your emotions and is very beautiful The house is effective. So carpet selection is important. To enjoy the space you’re in and not feel like you’re wasting your money. To choose the right carpet flooring, we have to consider three things: the ceiling, floor and wall are the three most important and influential levels of interior decoration worldwide. But these three levels in all countries are tailored to the national culture and nature of the people of each culture or society. We Iranians are the people we always walk with when walking. So carpet selection is very important. Given this, in our culture, Iranians have a first-hand influence over floor and wall. That is, our attention to home decoration or any other space is first to the wall, then to the floor and third to the ceiling. If one is to pay for home decoration, one must first pay for the wall, if there is anything left for the floor and then work on the ceiling. Usually in our country construction carpet, stone, ceramic or parquet are used for flooring. Flooring is a place that can greatly influence home design. On the floor of residential units can be used a combination of several materials. For example, the bedroom can be a combination of laminate and parquet or carpet and parquet. The cost you pay for home décor in the compilation mode is the cost you pay for the non-compact and the use of a type of material. In the end, this choice will make it look very stylish (carpet floor design).

How Wall to Wall Carpet Exports Help Economy of Iran?


The walls form the structure of the room, and the carpet can complement them in harmony with the colors. Even this carpet can show the beauty and effect of the walls several times. By the way, you may be the one who tends to be simpler and simpler, but you should know that children do not like simplicity and do not like simplicity. Kids prefer Barbie or motorcycle carpeting to a simple carpet or carpet design with ordinary designs. Buy a colorful carpet for your child to bring a sense of fun and childlike play to his or her room. Be sure to buy a carpet that matches the color of the room.

Which Type of Wall to Wall Carpets is the best for Export?

Carpet Shape and Size: It is best to know that you have no limitations on carpet size and shapes, as there are many models available and children can choose whatever they want and according to their taste. These shapes range from cartoon characters to geometric and educational shapes, all available in the market. Pay particular attention to the accessories you want to add to the room environment. This attention will make the environment the way you want it to be. One of the most basic and important accessories that can have a huge impact on the overall look of a room is the right choice of a carpet or carpet. No matter what type of room you change the décor, it is important to choose a carpet that can cover the floor beautifully and give it harmony and color in the room.

What are the factors of Being Exportable Wall to Wall Carpet?

Characteristics of patterned carpets

The design of carpet carpeting is that carpeting for large spaces seems to be a very clever and easy job because this makes your home environment smaller and friendlier. And the color makes the room bigger, but sometimes our house is big enough to be open to buying carpeting, and because we don’t need home decoration tricks, we can safely buy carpeting. We are dealing with our favorite. One of the features of patterned carpets is that the patterned carpets are not dirty and are suitable for busy homes, but dirty simple carpets appear very early and are best used in home and office environments. Don’t. Highly textured and patterned carpets are a great option for busy environments. There are a variety of designer carpets on the market right now. The universal carpet brings the color, texture and role to your room. Also, the carpet texture is heat and sound insulated. That’s why carpeting is a good option in noisy and cold places. Both the carpet and the carpet, due to their delicate texture, stylize the straight lines and geometric architecture of your home. Since carpets are available in a variety of textures, colors and designs, it is easy to match them with a variety of decorations.

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