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Advantages of carpet tilesBest colored and patterned carpet tilesMost Famous brands of carpet tiles in IranWhy Iranian carpets and carpet tiles have high qualities?Can i install carpet tiles in my office?Which materials are needed to install carpet tiles?Major suppliers and sellers of the carpet tiles in AsiaMost popular carpet tiles for exportExportable qualities and prices of the carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are square pieces of carpet that are produced in different designs and qualities. These types of carpets are widely used in public places for business, office and business environments, hotels and more. One of the benefits of this type of carpet is its simple, fast and hassle-free installation compared to full-size carpets, carpets and even flooring such as parquet and laminate.

Nowadays, these types of carpets are widely used in office environments and in a variety of carpet stores, carpet tiles are sold in different colors. Details of discount carpet tiles in online and offline stores can be found on their respective sales sites.

Advantages of carpet tiles

An important advantage of carpet tiles is that they are easy to replace. So if one of these pieces gets dirty or broken, you can easily replace the same piece of carpet, which is very simple. Using colorful pieces of carpet tiles, you can create beautifully designed designs and colors. In hotels, offices, or business centers, the use of tile rugs benefits their owners and reduces maintenance costs. Because the flooring maintenance team does not have to replace the entire floor area all at once, it is only necessary to replace the parts that have been damaged in high-traffic areas.

carpet tiles or Modular carpets, some also called tile carpets, are very suitable for use in modern and modern environments. Today, carpet tiles are very popular due to their lightweight, easy portability, easy washing or replacement and relatively reasonable price.

On the other hand, their varied, stunning designs attract a sense of aestheticism and diversity. Flexibility for frequent design changes is a unique feature of these carpet tiles. Some of the features of carpet tiles are as follows:

  • Increased installation speed
  • Reduce installation costs
  • Replacing damaged tiles
  • Renovation with minimal irregularity
  • Compatible with systems that need easy access

These carpets have many benefits. These carpets are very flexible. When space requires very large and asymmetrical carpets, the best option is modular carpets that are more reasonably priced, accessible and operational.

Another advantage of using carpet tiles in the office, especially in office space, is when there is no need to change the entire carpet when part of the carpeted floor is bled by pouring paint, oil, tea, coffee, etc. Return the space to your ideal place by using special stains or just by replacing the stained piece.

These floors are designed and tested for high traffic floors and are made of durable, easy to clean and easy to install. These types of carpets are less used in Iran and are used in foreign countries for public and modern spaces or offices and official spaces.

Best colored and patterned carpet tiles

One of the most sought after products are carpet tiles that fit perfectly with any style of furniture, not just thermal insulation, but also sound insulation and people prefer to keep the floors of the room warm with proper carpeting. Do not break the containers that fall on the ceramics. There are a variety of modern floor coverings these days but some people still want carpeting in parts of the home, especially the bedroom. Carpets are very suitable for the children’s room and provide safety for the first few years of their lives. One of the most popular carpets is carpet tiles. Carpet tiles come in a variety of colors and designs to appeal to anyone with any taste. Choosing the best design and color of the carpet tile depends entirely on the personal taste of the person and the environment used. However, in recent years, white carpet tiles and red carpet tiles have been the top sellers according to available statistics.

When buying the best design and color of carpet tile, it is best to first consider the features of your desired location and choose the best carpet tile with the best design and color according to your taste and location. You can also consult designers and people in the field of decoration to buy the best carpet tile to suit your needs.

Most Famous brands of carpet tiles in Iran

For environments with very specific or very complex designs, carpeting is not recommended, but it still has the potential to create a different space. In Iran, carpet tiles have been able to conquer the textile flooring market in office and commercial spaces over the past five years. Today, many powerful companies and famous brands in the field of flooring production have equipped and updated their production lines for carpet tile production. Nowadays, instead of carrying the overwhelming burden of carpet rolls, carpet tiles are delivered in stylish, portable boxes to the highest floors of the world’s skyscrapers, and are installed as easily as possible with just a few drops of glue and a few simple blows.

Therefore their production and sales in Iran have been very popular and profitable in the past few years. Today, carpet tile factories operate in different cities of Iran and make a lot of profit from it. carpet tile factory outlet has different qualities and types. Carpet tiles have different brands, which usually make brands and factories produce better quality products. Note that quality carpet tiles depend on various components, including the materials used in their production, their size, etc. to buy the best quality, all of these pieces must be considered and then purchased. Websites can identify famous brands in the field of carpet tile production as well as the quality of their products.

Why Iranian carpets and carpet tiles have high qualities?

In Iran, different materials are used to produce carpet tiles. One of the materials used today in the production of various products is plastic which is also used in the production of some types of carpet tiles. nylon carpet tiles are one of the highest qualities and most used type of carpet tile that are used more than polyester materials.

Properties of polyester :

Among the prominent properties and properties of polyester can be mentioned:

  • Lack of bullying
  • Insensitivity
  • Gloss
  • High wash stability
  • High optical stability
  • High wear stability
  • Softness and softness (sub-optimal)
  • Fungal and bacterial growth
  • High thermal and thermal stability
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • High stability in acidic conditions
  • No harm to health

Polyester production in the world and in Iran, based on statistics provided by Year Fiber in 2013; most of the polyester applications include the carpet and textile industries, including carpet tile. Polyester is one of the highest quality carpet tile in Iran which is widely used in commercial places.

It is worth mentioning that in Iran, residential carpet tiles are of little use and are rarely used in certain areas. For example, it may be argued that the use of carpet tiles in some kitchens is one of their residential uses.

Carpet tiles suitable for modern kitchens! :

Note that carpet tiles are not a good choice for kitchen flooring due to maintenance and cleaning problems. Carpet tiles are a great solution for modern kitchens. Often in kitchens, different materials may fall on the floor, and it will be very difficult to clean or wash carpets or integrated carpets in such conditions, but carpet tiles are a great choice for modern kitchens.

Can i install carpet tiles in my office?

If you are looking for features such as beauty, durability, ease of installation and so on, carpet tile is the best option. All owners of industries, airports, business centers, offices, banks, organizations and all large and small scale populated areas have the opportunity to benefit from carpet tile.

Carpet tiles offer a wide range of possibilities to interior designers and designers, providing the opportunity to execute different designs in a completely creative way using a variety of colors and textures. It is also possible to install tile carpeting in places that are directly related to soil and all types of sediment, as carpet tiles can be moved in case of any potential problems. Therefore, this carpet tile is very suitable for office environments.

Therefore, this carpet tile is very suitable for office environments. Carpet tiles are an insulator for heat and sound, so they can also be used in cold and noisy environments. With carpeting, your office floor is always soft and comfortable. They are very varied in color and design and will suit any type of decoration. One-hand carpets with shorter lint show larger room space. They include durable flooring. It is not necessary to use a napkin to clean them. They are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and can be easily used in offices.

Which materials are needed to install carpet tiles?

Installing this carpet model does not require much time and space closure. Easy and easy installation No need for glue when installing carpet The least amount of carpet loss when cutting and installing and transporting and moving carpet is one of the reasons that make carpet tile installation very easy.

Tile carpets are also installed in all directions so that you can see the best color match in your design. If you need a new plan over time, you will be able to move your carpet tiles and implement a new plan.

The ease of installing tile carpeting is therefore commendable compared to other types of floor coverings. Since all carpet tiles are of defined size, it is very easy to calculate the required amount.

As a result, we can say that we do not need special items such as carpet glue to install carpet tile!

Major suppliers and sellers of the carpet tiles in Asia

Most carpet tile wholesalers are based in their companies and factories. These factories must design, manufacture and supply fully up-to-date carpet tiles that meet the needs of hotel, office, commercial, airport and residential areas with the latest technologies in the world and at reasonable prices. Peace of mind in the workplace and productivity in the workplace are important considerations in designing these carpets, which have a huge impact on their sales. Proper space design is a surefire way to achieve peace and increase productivity.

So carpet tile dealers and manufacturers can provide the community with the right design and selection of the best carpet tile for sale and market placement. Carpet tile wholesalers as the representative of authentic Iranian and foreign brands in Asia and enjoying the highest standards of office, hotel and home, in keeping with the clients in designing and equipping architectural spaces with distinct user experience. Searching for websites can provide good information on wholesalers and sellers of carpet tiles in Asia. Some websites also have sales information and sometimes discounts for buyers. Sellers usually place cheap carpet tiles for sale on the internet and people can simply take advantage of this opportunity…

Most popular carpet tiles for export

Carpet tiles come in a variety of cuts and sizes and thousands of designs and textures, so it may be interesting to know that large office spaces such as Google and NASA headquarters have used carpet tiles. Tile carpet can be placed with or without glue. The carpets take up dust and therefore create a cleaner breathing space. Your choices are so high on the use of Thai carpeting that you can carve many artworks into the floor of your space. It is also possible to combine several types of tile carpet in one space. Perhaps if you double-check the tile-to-roll carpet, one might have different combinations and the other would be to replace a small part of the tile in the carpet that the carpet doesn’t have.

These carpets have been one of the most popular products in recent years due to their newness and appeal, and the export of these types has been extremely welcomed. Office colors and carpet tiles that are suitable for offices and workplaces are most popular for export.

Exportable qualities and prices of the carpet tiles

Exports of some products such as blankets, blankets, pillows, sleeping mattresses, travel mattresses and so on have a lot of capacity and can really work well. Carpet tiles are also lucrative because of their popularity globally, their export and trade markets.

As mentioned, the carpet tile is very attractive due to its many advantages as well as its modern and special beauty. These carpet tiles come in many different types depending on their gender, durability, design and color. Keep in mind that buying and even exporting carpet tiles should not be limited to their price and quality first and foremost. Cheap goods are not always of good quality and quality should not be sacrificed.

Carpets for export should be of good quality and at a reasonable price (not necessarily cheap). Very expensive or very cheap low-quality carpet tiles are not affordable for export and to ensure export profitability, a normal price and quality limit should be considered. More detailed information on carpet tile extracts and their exporting countries and other information can be obtained from the Internet.

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