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Stocks Commercial MoquetteCustomized Color Commercial Moquette

Aesthetically and psychologically, Cheap Moquette Carpet plays a more important role.Such a floor space is like a dress that gives a unique personality to the space surrounding it.The choice of carpet design for a child’s home, bedroom, private company office, or corporation’s conference room can directly affect the interior design of that space.Either way, you are used to these late floors which can easily give your environment a different air feel.

Stocks Commercial Moquette


Export sales, domestic rugs and carpets have fallen sharply these days, as store owners protested the government’s economic policies, believing that these policies had led to a 5% inflation and a decline in people’s purchasing power.

Supply and demand are directly related.Accordingly, when demand decreases with the purchasing power of people decreasing, the supply should also decrease due to lack of purchases.Many carpet and rug factories currently suffer from the unpredictability of the economy in addition to the high prices of raw materials, many of which are closed.

Since most of the carpet and rug trade factories are located in Kashan, I have visited these areas in the past, and have witnessed a continuous flow of goods, which indicates good carpet production and prosperity in the market, and workers in this field receive special comparisons advantages.Currently, no more than one factory or two factories operate in these areas, in addition to exporting carpets to Iraq and Afghanistan, and their production is not closely related to the local market, and many carpet factories have been closed in the past.High-interest loans to import expensive rugs, but now they close the factory or sell your property to pay off your debts because they do not come.

Customized Color Commercial Moquette


Many great designers and architects use the carpet as the first choice for residential spaces, offices and hotels because of their variety of design, color and design.The variety of design of the Color Commercial Moquette allows it to  easily adapt to any type of furniture and decoration, making the harmony of the living space more pleasant.Create a soft Wimmer level for the children’s room, design a luxurious hotel atmosphere, create a friendly decor for the office  and durable acoustic coverage in high-end venues and amphitheaters, making carpet an ideal choice in the building and interior design industry.

Carpet is one of the most used flooring in interior design that has attracted many consumers from the past to the present for the convenience of their living space as well as being of great use.

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Mofazi invite you for buy the best Carpets and floor covering.

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