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bulk wholesale nylon room carpetDurable wall to wall pure wool carpet in bulk

Here we want to explain about
nylon room carpet. To investigate nylon carpeting, we need to get to know nylon
fibers a little first. As the first synthetic fiber in the flooring and carpet
industry, nylon has revolutionized the industry and quickly emerged as a new
benchmark in the carpet industry. Nylon or polyamide is the most popular and
widely used fiber used in the carpet industry. Follow us to find out more about
nylon room carpet, nylon room carpet and wall to wall pure wool carpet.

bulk wholesale nylon room carpet

Among the synthetic fibers used in the flooring industry, nylon offers the best performance that we will mention here. These features include:

High resistance to wear and tear

Very good flexibility

High coloring ability

High variety of designs and colors

High durability and convenient and easy maintenance

Nylon carpet has excellent flexibility. Among synthetic fibers, nylon is the strongest synthetic fiber. Using a steam or steam cleaner to clean nylon carpets in addition to cleaning these carpets, enhances the flexibility of these fibers and greatly improves the durability of these carpets. Nylon carpeting is a very durable carpet and because of the fact that polyamide fibers are very strong fibers, nylon carpets are highly resistant to wear.

Nylon does not have high stain resistance due to its high adsorption properties, but today, using the solution dyeing method in the fiber dyeing process, this problem has been resolved in nylon carpets. Solution dyeing nylons are highly resistant to stain and have a very high color fastness. Nylon fibers also have excellent pigmentation properties, which results in a very high color variation in carpets made with these fibers. Solution dyeing nylon carpets are extremely durable,  and are highly resistant to sun fading. Nylon is available at different prices in the market. Nylon is a widely used fiber that is added to cheaper raw materials such as polyester and olifen to increase durability for many products. Ultimately, the durability and elasticity of nylon have made it a good choice in the carpet weaving industry, but like everything else, always consider all the factors to choose the right one.

Durable wall to wall pure wool carpet in bulk

Wholesale prices on these products depend on factors such as currency and market fluctuations so reaching a desired price requires a search. The price of nylon carpets depends on other factors such as the quality of the raw materials used in its manufacture. The point to keep in mind is not to look for a low-priced product because there is no unreasonable price.

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