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High Quality Axminster Wool Wall to Wall carpet

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commercial nylon carpetShaggy rug home carpet for living room

Wool wall to wall carpet can be purchased through carpet showrooms, but if you are looking for a hassle-free way to stay in urban traffic, we recommend buying wool wall to wall carpet online. On the Internet, of course, there is a wider range of wool wall to wall carpet types. Many carpets are manufactured today in various designs and specifications. Carpeting is an indispensable commodity in the home, carpet is both soundproof and heat insulated, carpeting valuable as opposed to carpeting should cover your entire home surface, so its beauty plays an important role in the beauty of your home.

High Quality Axminster Wool Wall to Wall carpet

commercial nylon carpet

commercial nylon carpet To investigate nylon carpeting, we need to get to know nylon fibers a little first. Nylon (polyamide) is a synthetic fiber that was first invented in 1935 and quickly found its place in the textile industry. As the first synthetic fiber in the flooring and carpet industry, nylon was able to revolutionize the technological industry and quickly become a new benchmark in the carpet industry. Nylon (polyamide) is the most popular and widely used fiber used in the carpet industry. Nylon carpet has excellent flexibility and elasticity. Among the synthetic fibers, nylon is the strongest synthetic fiber, but it also has good reversibility. The use of water vapor (steam cleaner) to clean nylon carpets (every 12 or 18 months) in addition to cleaning these carpets, enhances the flexibility of these fibers and greatly influences the durability of these carpets. Nylon carpet feature:

  • High resistance to wear and tear (good elasticity and high reversibility)
  • Very good flexibility
  • High coloring ability
  • The high variety of designs and colors
  • High durability and convenient and easy maintenance

Taken together, these features make nylon carpet a perfect fit for most spaces, even those with high traffic congestion. Nylon carpet is a very durable carpet. Since polyamide fibers are very strong fibers, nylon carpets have good wear resistance. Also, the properties of nylon fibers (polyamide) make the nylon carpet, unlike wool carpets of natural wool, have very low viscosity and shedding and are not exposed to fungi and mold. Lack of fibers makes the nylon carpet a better choice for people with asthma and allergies than wool carpets.

Shaggy rug home carpet for living room

Shaggy rug home carpet for living room The living room or space used in the home as the living space is the most focal point of a home, especially in apartment houses. TV and so on. The high importance of the living room makes choosing a carpet forĀ  living room an important thing. In apartment houses, on the other hand, the living space is also used as a guest living room, which increases the importance of the space.

Regardless of what type of carpet and what type of fibers you use for the living room flooring, be aware that the living room is the most used and most used space in a home and the carpet used in this space should be High commute resistant. When choosing a carpet for the living room, use a neutral color such as almonds and cream as a general solution. Choosing these colors for carpeting allows you to easily select living room furniture and decor and have a comfortable layout. Neutral colors help to balance the whole space visually, are easily matched or set with other colors and do not easily show contamination and require less cleaning and more.

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