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Wall to Wall Commerical Carpet Moquette

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Polyester Fiber Ribbed moquette CarpetPunched design moquette carpet for hotels

Wall to wall commerical carpet moquette is unmatched in design and color. We Iranians are accustomed to covering the walls of our house with carpets and moquette. Especially in traditional and old houses, which is almost an integral part of it. But today, carpeting all parts of the house is very expensive. The best suggestion is to use carpets that are both less expensive and more beautiful. We suggest using a carpet design moquettes.

Wall to Wall Commerical Carpet Moquette

Polyester Fiber Ribbed moquette Carpet


Carpet is one of the handicrafts specific to Iran and Iranians have been weaving carpets for a long time. One of the types of carpets that are used only to beautify the decoration is the ribbed moquette Carpet. The carpet, as its name implies, is a carpet that is framed and mounted on the wall as a beautiful painting. In general, the ribbed moquette Carpet is divided into two categories.

  1. Machine Ribbed moquette Carpet
  2. Handmade Ribbed moquette Carpet

The yarn of machine-made carpets is usually made of polyester. Also, the fabric of these carpets is usually made of polyester and cotton and their yarn is usually made of polyester and cotton.

Some types of carpets are mostly woven from wool. Woolen machine-made carpets have a longer lifespan than woven carpets made of synthetic fibers. Polyester is a type of synthetic fiber, also known as synthetic silk. In addition to shine and beauty, polyester is less expensive than acrylic and wool. It also has better color, acceptability.

As a result, there is more variety in the color and beauty of carpets woven with polyester fibers or combinations of polyester and other fibers such as acrylic. Ribbed moquette Carpet is used in many modern homes today. This product has different designs and types that can be used for all parts of the house and are designed for various applications.

Punched design moquette carpet for hotels


One of the most important and perhaps the most basic parts of hotel management is paying special attention to the equipment and application of technology, as well as decoration in hotels, which can play a decisive role in attracting customers. When planning for decoration, decorative items, and hotel equipment, the carpet should be considered as a floor covering that also has a beautiful aspect.

The choice of moquette carpet for hotels, in addition to maintaining the appearance, the beauty of different rooms and areas, also affects the mood of the guests and travelers. On the other hand, its supply requires cost, so all items such as cost, durability, the color should be considered. In general, there is a growing interest in fluffy carpets today. Punched design moquette carpet is one of these types of carpets.

This model of moquette carpet without cloud back is cheap and has excellent durability and does not have a luxurious aspect. It has very good durability and is very reasonable in terms of price.

Carpeting walls are also more attractive because it absorbs sound and provides a great level for hanging signs and pictures. Because the place of the nails is never seen in it, and this is very important and noteworthy in terms of design and decor.

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