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Best ways to install wall to wall carpet with lowest costsCan we use wall to wall carpets in hotels?Which materials we need to install wall carpets?How much it costs to install wall to wall carpets?Major suppliers of wall carpets in AsiaWhich Iranian brands have best wall carpets?Chinese Wall to Wall Carpet pricesAverage exporting costs of wall carpetsHow to export carpets to different countries around the world?
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Wall to wall catpet is a kind of carpet which is consisted of only one piece, in other words, it is considered as one single carpet typically in a square or rectangular form, dependeing upon the size of the place within which the catpet is going to be spread. Notably,  a distinction should be made between wall to wall carpets on the one hand and hard woven carpets for hall on the other, as the former is used for the floors, whereas the latter is used for installation on the wall.

Best ways to install wall to wall carpet with lowest costs

There are too many companies which sell and install carpets. If the number of the carpets the customers buy is great or the carpet itself is a heavy and large one, the installation of which is not easy for the customer, the company’s staff will install it. Therefore, wall to wall carpet installation is highly relevant to the physical characteristics of the carpets such as weight and size. The different texture of the tapestry carpet can give you a unique view of your environment. You can use global specimens in a small wall and place warmth and taste in your decorations. This type of tapestry is suitable for creating a space with various textures, materials, and decorations which make a wonderful interior and exterior part. Due to the gender and texture of this kind of tapestry, it can be considered as a suitable option for the decoration of children ‘s room with different colors, forms and designs and happiness. Hence, they can be considered as an appropriate option for decorating children ‘s room.

Can we use wall to wall carpets in hotels?

Ordinary hotels in general and luxurious hotels in particular are the popular places for the people who are going to select and stay while being travellers. As a result, the physical appearance as well as the  features of each hotel must be so attractive that attract the travellers. One of such features is the pattern and color of the carpets, especially when one enters the main hall and his own room. Hence the design of wall to wall carpet trends are today bold and prominent. Wall carpets can be used in hotels if and only if the hotel is one of the most luxurious and expensive one in which valuable people such as politicians, businessmen, celebrities, the rich and the like are going to stay. In this case, wall carpet decor is considered as one of the main features of the hotel to which people would be attracted. Needless to say that some luxurious hotels use wall carpets and rugs in addition to wall to wall carpet as well. Some other hotels especially the less luxurious ones use wall carpet tiles instead of wall to wall carpets. The advantage of using them is that they can be washed, cleaned and dried faster than their wall to wall counterparts. Furthermore, they are of more varouis patterns and colors which make them to be more attractive and prettier than wall to wall carpets. It is obvious that asking for either of them is highly dependent on the amount of expense being spent. In addition, the practical aspect of the place which is used by people is another significant factor that can affect on the way of covering floors.

Which materials we need to install wall carpets?


The placement of decorative items at home needs to be used in a particular way. So one of the most important effects of these devices on the wall is how to store it and prevent the destruction of walls. There are usually a variety of ways to do this. Carpets can be one of the most beautiful decorations. There are different plans. Wall carpets are actually a type of decorative items that has high resistance and has been used in old homes due to excessive humidity. Nowadays, there are more applications in decorative mode on the wall. Therefore, the method of installing them for better maintenance is of particular importance in order to preserve them for many years. Installation methods can be used to frame the carpets. Try to use the carpets in your home space which are smaller in size and have the ability to be framed. Besides, you can use beautiful hand rugs to decorate your wall. Of course, the frame of small carpets can also be an appropriate idea to better store them from the moisture of the walls. You can also use the corners of the carpets to hang the carpets. The roots of the carpet can be connected to each other in the corners, suitable for hanging on the nails of the wall.

You can also use wooden clamps. It is also a good option to use small sticks to stabilize the roots inside it and put it on the wall. There is an item in the hook markets, which is used to hang up these accessories. Normally, you observe these hooks in special museums or carpet fairs. The hooks can hold rugs at the center. In addition, the primary weight of the carpet will be divided into four points, and there is no harm done to its various points. Another way to hang the carpet on the wall will be tied to the rail rods and hide the roots under beautiful inscriptions.The first method of stitching a silk carpet to the wall will make the glue at the edges of the carpet or at the ends and attach the other side of the glue to the wall hanging onto the wall. Another method is the connection of the groove wall using the hook. Another way to hang the carpet on the wall is to make a frame for the carpet. It can also be easily connected to the wall using a wood board and its connection to the top of the carpets, as well as the image. Finally, you managed to create a new, special space with a small change in the application of a traditional element to interiors.

How much it costs to install wall to wall carpets?


Wall to wall carpet home depot is relevant to the amount of cost for installing carpets at homes. The prices for installing carpets at homes are different, depending upon the size of the room and the carpet as well. Anyhow, installation of bedroom carpet is $ 2, whereas for hall it is $ 4. If the overall parts of a house are going to be covered with carpet, the installation price would be about $ 2000. It is notable that sometimes the price of installation is calculated on the basis of square foot. For exame, the price of installation of making all parts of a house be covered is calculated for per square foot or meter. Consequently, the installation process is independent of the type of the rooms

Major suppliers of wall carpets in Asia

Iran is considered one of the major suppliers of wall carpet in Asia. In this country, there are too many carpet companies which are both the producer and the seller of catpet. Indeed, there are some cities which are famous for the production of carpet of any kind, that is to say hand-made as well as machine-made types. One of the cities active in making carpets is Kashan, a hot city in Isfahan Province. Another city is Mashhad, the capital of Khorasan Razavi. Still another city is Tabriz, which is the capital of the Eastern Azerbaijan Province in Iran. These cities are so well-known and active in producing Iranian carpets that their products are always exported to other Asian as well as European countries. Besides Iran, Afghanistan is another country in which carpets are popular and produced. In addition to trade, the carpet industry in Afghanistan is considered as a cultural heritage of the people of the country, which in many years is still part of the economic and cultural life of this country. This inherited art is transferred to generation and is one of the important industries in this country which plays an important role in the economic situation of the country.

In Afghanistan, different types of micro-organisms are produced, including wool sweaters (most of the production of nomads), rugs, sweaters, silk and cotton. Carpet production in Afghanistan is carried out by a large network of weavers, each working on a specific design. Among other Asian countries where weaving art has long history, it is India, which has one of the most important carpet industries in the world. Among the main features of the Indian carpet are excellent design, attractive paints and high quality that is known throughout the world. According to statistics, India is the biggest producer and exporter of carpet in the world in terms of importance and volume of producing and exporting carpets. It is interesting to know that 80% of the carpet industry exports are done on behalf of India and exported to more than 700 countries in the world. During the period from April 2009 to February, India’s carpet exports were estimated at a value of Le 22 million and expected a growth rate of more than 80% over the coming few years.

Which Iranian brands have best wall carpets?

The most well-known Iranian brands which make wall carpets are located in such provinces as Isfahan and Khorasan Razavi. Their carpet companies produce not only wall to wall carpets but also wall carpets which are merely used as a room feature since they are installed on the wall as are picture frames. Moreover, Kashan is so active and famous in carpet production that its carpets are exported more than those of other cities, that is Yazd, Tabriz and Mashhad. In other words, if one would like to place the aforementioned cities along a ranking with regard to the their quality as well as the amount of exportation, Kashan would be the first, that is to have the highest ranking among all.

Chinese Wall to Wall Carpet prices

Among the carpets produced in the world in general and in Asia in particular, Chinese wall to wall carpets are the cheapest due to lower quality, which in turn is due to low quality of the threads used in their carpets. However, sometimes their products are sold more than their Iranian counterparts as China produces carpets which are much cheaper than is expected. Although carpets made in China are observed as modern carpet, they are of low quality and prices relative to Iranian carpets. For the same reason, wall to wall carpet prices in the carpet shops where both national and international carpets are sold would be different from one carpet to another.

Average exporting costs of wall carpets

According to the statistics in 2019, among the four major export items that have the highest export price up to 5th august of this year, carpet and other textile materials with an average export price of more than $ 250,000 per ton was at the topmost level. After that anti-sera, other blood derivatives, and components of steam turbines are ranked as the second and the third in the list respectively, with an average price of close to $ 230,000 per ton. Meanwhile, the textile grade (polyethylene phthalate) has the lowest price on the list with an average price of $ 6000 per ton.

How to export carpets to different countries around the world?

To export carpets to other countries throughout the world, there are many ways the most important of which among all are via ship, airplane, as well as lorry other land vehicles. It is worth mentioning that exporting carpets is not restricted to one single carpet but several boards on which carpets are bound. In other words, carpets are packed and then they are launched on ship or airplane to be ready for exportation process. In fact, no carpet is exported in singular format. It ought to be said that only by holding a valid business card in your hand and at the buyer ‘s request, by obtaining a certificate from Tehran ‘s custom, you can undertake the export of this product. It should be noted that the export of woven carpets whose quality and features are below the standard is prohibited. There will also be the possibility of exporting carpets and other textiles to all countries, and you can visit the export and import statistics of the products in the website relevant to it.

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