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For each trip, its tailor-made universeCreativity ... more comfort and practicality

In a decade, Airbnb has revolutionized tourism and the way we think about the hotel industry. What was initially an ambitious but uncertain start-up, part of our new era of collaborative and flexible economy, has become a heavyweight in the tourism sector. As part of the uberisation movement of our contemporary society, this unprecedented competition has forced tourism players, and in particular hotels, to adapt and reinvent themselves.

At a time when hotels offered to meet “like at home” around the world, by duplicating standardized and international solutions, Airbnb has promised the opposite: discover each city, each place, in its uniqueness by opening the doors of inhabitants eager to share their city and their way of life.

First abused by the phenomenon; the hotel industry is reacting today by guaranteeing both the professionalism and the services specific to its expertise and by making each hotel and even each room unique. Openness to the city and the neighborhood, food and local products, dedicated information… each hotel today sees itself as a unique place, a subtle alliance of originality and local signature, creativity and personalized services .

Here is a new art of welcoming guests, where hospitality is put back at the center. Modern hospitality where everyone should feel welcomed and welcome, in an original, safe and benevolent place. On the premium market but also for smaller budgets, each place of hospitality must provide everyone, individuals and professionals… comfort and safety. Besides being creative and different, of course!

For each trip, its tailor-made universe

No more standardized, impersonal and duplicated spaces from Paris to Tokyo! From now on each place tells a positioning, a story… Each room, each dining room, are cases for moments, memories in the making. For history to happen, the creation of a unique and original place is essential. A place where furniture, textiles, wall coverings, decorative objects… meet and harmonize to become a coherent whole, carrying a message and a story.

The advent of digital printing has opened up the field of personalization of spaces , without constraints of scale or quantity. When in the 19th century, a panoramic stain required months of work and was the pleasure of very few, today, digital printing and the development of the supports makes it possible to consider the craziest decorations, and this for budgets accessible.

Matching the pattern of a carpet to a wallpaper, coordinating the colors from the floor to the ceiling … all this is now possible.

With its unique collection Unique Territoire , Balsan offers a new way of personalizing printed carpets. This premium collection , with a beautiful structured velvet appearance, allows you to create exclusive patterns, starting at 400 m².

Thanks to its historical know-how around color, Balsan offers a unique choice of coloramas. Is your exact shade still not there? Create your custom color.

And because this desire for color is combined with Balsan’s demand for quality, the colors are designed to last over time. Thus, with the technique of solution dyed the colors of the collections French Couture and  Square Couture , ideal for hotel spaces  such guarantee  easier maintenance and no fading.

Creativity … more comfort and practicality

Always pushing creativity further , without taking anything away from the notion of well-being and practicality of use , that is Balsan quality  !

So at Balsan, color is creative, multiple, but also comfortable.

For people with visual impairments, for example, it is possible to reinforce the colors near stairs or obstacles.

We also know that the brighter the ground, the higher the light reflection. The range of colors offered on strip carpets, tiles and textile strips makes it possible to adapt the color according to the brightness of the space.

The multiplicity of supports offered by Balsan and the possibility of playing them in coordination makes it possible to play on the complementarity between the different spaces. Coordinating carpets, tiles and LVT thus makes it possible to go from sleeping areas with carpets for hotel rooms , to corridor areas with hotel corridor carpets , to bathroom areas in complete harmony!

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