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Standards for Moden design moquette carpetFire standard, fire resistance and fire resistanceAmerican Standard ASTME648 & Standard BS 4796 UK

Moden design moquette carpet for sale are ready. Carpet has long been comfortable and comfortable. Carpets are the first choice of every man and woman. carpets are compatible with any decor style. And they are also aesthetically high. A steady, durable carpet brings color and smooth texture to your room. In addition, carpet weaving is a heat and sound insulation. For this reason, the use of carpets in crowded places with sound pollution is appropriate. Both carpet and carpet are popular because of their tangible texture. They make the right lines and the architecture of the room stylish. Since carpets are simple in texture. Various colors and designs are available. And it’s easy to coordinate with a variety of home decor. Resistance to fire spreading in carpet defined and defined by one of these two standards. Each of these standards also has its own branches.

Moden design moquette carpet

Standards for Moden design moquette carpet

There is no specific definition in the standard word. And in general it can be said. Standard is the level of customer demand. But there is always a series of materials for security and safety issues in standards. Especially where they are dealing with the public. More Things to Consider.

A series of standards are not compulsory. However, the requirements and demands of the user and the car are included, which can be, for example, the standard of traffic (EN685), which is the standard of resistance of the product subject to wear. In general, the important thing to keep in mind is that in the discussion of wall and floor coatings, especially in public spaces, some standards are common to both types of coatings (as in the case of anti-fire resistance, anti-bacterial And so on), but in the case of floor coverings, more standards such as wear resistance, standard friction between shoes and floor coverings should always be followed.

Moden design moquette carpet

Fire standard, fire resistance and fire resistance

This standard is one of the most important issues for carpeting in public places. The so-called “fire resistance standard” is also called Fireproof Extreme Fireproof Flooring. And most of the carpets are called “slow burning”. In the public places of carpeting should have this property. Which in practice does not expose the fire, and if a hurricane occurs at a point, at first, it must resist the flame for a short time, based on a set of standards, and if the range of firefighting Burning does not flare, and the fire range does not expand by carpet, and the fire at that point is “stopped”. The two most commonly used standards in this area are the following two standards: American Standard ASTME648 and British Standard BS 4796. Moden design moquette carpet for sale.

Moden design moquette carpet

American Standard ASTME648 & Standard BS 4796 UK

This standard has two sub-classes with Class I and Class II specifications. Carpet placed in the Class I subclass. In terms of resistance to fire spread, it is well placed. And in the selection of carpets for public places is the first priority.

This standard has three sub-groups of Low Level Ignition and Level Ignition Medium and High Level Ignition. And in order of priority, this must be done. The best sub standard is the Low Level Ignition. We mentioned three types of wool, polyamide and polypropylene fiber carpets in the past. At the standard position fire is important for fibers. In this respect, wool and polyamide fibers are generally higher. These are both higher in the higher ranks of both standards above and above the polypropylene fibers, that is, they are of lower quality in public places, such as hotels. You should not use polypropylene fiber carpets. Moden design moquette carpet for sale

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