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High Quality Loop wool tufted carpet

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Durable wall to wall pure wool carpetbroadloom wall to wall carpet

In the Loop wool tufted carpet, the fibers are not cut after carpeting and are woven into rings that have two ends in carpeting. In the final appearance of the carpet, you will find many loops of fibers that have formed a single surface. The Tufting carpet has a more coherent texture and therefore has longer durability than the Cut model. Typically, this type of carpet is used in high-rise places such as corridors and offices. But due to its unique and simple designs, it is also used in home interior design.


Durable wall to wall pure wool carpet

Durable wall to wall pure wool carpet Natural wool is the oldest fiber used in all textiles, including wall pure wool carpet. The fibers are intrinsically flexible, very soft and durable, with no contamination and easy to clean from dust. To be. Woolen carpets are soft, luxurious and have a great natural feel. Wool fibers naturally have high elasticity and flexibility, although less elastic and flexible than nylon fibers, the texture of the carpet surface in the wool carpet is well maintained and durable. Wool fibers are also highly reversible (meaning that the fibers can be restored to their original shape after being put to sleep). Lower. In addition, woolen carpets are also very effective in absorbing sound. wall pure wool carpet has good resistance to dust absorption. This is also due to the microscopic scale of these natural fibers.

broadloom wall to wall carpet

A variety of carpets with a variety of colors and beauty make their way to the market. In this case, buyers can make a good choice and consider the best. Tafting carpets are one of the newer models that have a good softness due to their long lint and can be used very well. In many places, these carpets also replace carpets and can be easily used because of their long life span. In the Iranian market, you can see a large sale of Tafting carpet with stylish designs and models. For this reason, suppliers have created conditions to deliver good, standard products. Tafting carpet is offered for different locations, some of which are:

  • residential houses
  • Work offices
  • Hotels
  • restaurants
  • Airports
  • Reception sets

wall to wall carpet is among the most important flooring that can be replaced by many traditional flooring. Due to their structure and quality, these products have good durability. This way they can be used very well in different environments. Today carpet is manufactured in factories that perform well in its production and supply and always offer the best. These factories pay attention to market needs and deliver the best products to their customers.

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