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non-woven polyester printed moquettegood price of new style shaggy Axminster carpet
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In the carpet market, like other markets, the Factory price of hand tufted outdoor is one of the most important features on which buyers can place their orders. Therefore, the best conditions are for the carpet buyers, who usually buy the best type at the price of the day. Many people are looking for the cheapest Tafting carpets that are manufactured and marketed. These products must be purchased from large, official agents operating without intermediaries. These dealers will provide the lowest Factory Price of hand-tufted outdoor to their customers and will work with them.

non-woven polyester printed moquette

What is plain carpet runners? Maybe you’ve heard the name Runner Carpet or Side Carpet. Even if you are not familiar with this name you must have seen this carpet. Runner Carpet is carpets that are specifically made for use in corridors and staircases (especially for public spaces such as hotels, etc.). The use of runner carpets to cover staircases and corridors is also common in Iran and is very common in the past. You must have seen red or white runner carpets, one of the most common stair coverings in Iran. The main use of runner carpets is in corridors and staircases. Runner cartridges are roller cartridges that are manufactured in at least one meter and in variable lengths (rolls). These carpets are used both indoors and outdoors.

  • Runner carpet as corridor cover and interface spaces

The most common use of runner carpeting is in the hallway and interface spaces. Longitudinal carpeting makes them an excellent option for covering corridors or guiding people. Some runner carpets are carpeted across the aisle, enhancing the visual aisle and path direction. Another use of Runner carpet is to use this carpet as a link between two different spaces. With these carpets, two separate spaces can be visually connected, creating a connection between the two.

  • Runner carpet as staircase cover

The use of runner carpeting on the stairs is also a big fan. Runner carpets are sometimes installed alone and sometimes along with corridor carpets in the staircase. Runner-mounted carpet staircases are generally made with a width less than the staircase width so that a staircase flooring is visible alongside the carpet and enhances the working beauty.

  • Runner carpet mounted on the staircase with staircase margin

Runner stairs that are installed in staircases are sometimes the same design as the carpeting of corridors, sidewalks or main spaces, and sometimes have a completely different design to make the space change or change the performance of the space. Sometimes used to make runner carpet mounted on stairs and also to increase the durability of these carpets, the staircase or staircase is made of steel, bronze, etc. The following images show some examples of these rods and fasteners.

  • Runner carpet in other spaces

Runner carpets are also used in other spaces such as kitchens, library corridors, outdoor spaces, or in the celebration of ceremonies or ceremonies such as the red carpet, etc. The type of carpet, as well as the design and color of the carpet used, will vary greatly depending on its use or the size of the carpet, but the point is that runner carpets will leave your hands open for use and you can easily use them. And also by changing the decoration, place the carpet to your liking. Runners can be used in kitchens as a cover for the workspace and front of the cabinets.

good price of new style shaggy Axminster carpet

Buying plain carpet rugs is one of the oldest carpet products that still has its fans because of its durability. This carpet is one of the best quality carpets made of polypropylene fibers which is one of the best types of fibers. The price of plain carpet rugs available in the market varies with the type of fiber as well as its gender and quality, which sometimes comes from surprising figures. Some conventional and old plain carpet rugs are priced lower and older, and some are plain carpet rugs that use new and advanced fibers depending on carpet prices. Made with these fibers are higher and more expensive.

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