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carpet manufactured High qualityJacquard wall to wall carpet roll

Today there are many carpets in different designs and colors that we use in different places. The variety of carpets makes it easy for anyone to choose the right carpet for themselves. We want to tell you some tips so you can make a more reliable purchase. Follow us to find out more about Commercial Carpet, Modern Office Carpet and Moquette Design.

carpet manufactured High quality

In general, carpets are divided into three categories:

  • machine woven carpet
  • handmade carpet
  • silk carpet

Here are some tips for choosing the best carpet for your loved ones. First, we must say that a carpet that is thrown in the living room or in the crowded rooms must be capable of being durable, meaning it is durable for use and resistant to dust, but for a space such as a bedroom where Not crowded You can use a carpet with a light sex and light colors.

If you are a low-income family and you are not used to commuting, it is best to use a carpet with low light motifs. Also, if you have a small space in the house and want to make it larger, you can use carpets that have bright colors.

Typically these types of carpets enlarge the space. One thing to keep in mind is that the carpet should be the size of a room. You have to choose a carpet that is good in performance and also made with good density, reeds and fiber. The more carpet fibers you have, the longer your carpet will last. In handmade carpets, there is some variation in carpet dimensions in the upper and lower parts of the carpet, which is not a fault. Finally, notice the symmetry of the color in the symmetrical parts and be sure to check it in the light, and note that the color of the carpet may appear darker in its sleep. Also, if the bottom of the lint is different from the color of the carpet surface, it is a sign that the carpet has been dyed and may be colored. Carpets are harder to clean with harder lint, so keep in mind that carpet lint should be shiny and flexible.

Jacquard wall to wall carpet roll

Regarding these rugs, it can be said that these types of rugs are usually designed according to the style of architecture of the roof and around the building. Wall to wall carpet is often used in the lobby of luxury hotels and lounges and any other special place of interest. Wall to wall carpet design requires the presence of a map designer and on-site measurement. It is worth noting that although wall to wall carpet is also used in private homes, the most common use of carpet is in public places.

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