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Cheap price needle punch exhibit moquette

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velour carpet flooringWool Moquette Carpet

Main applications non-ferrous needle punch exhibit moquette include carpets, decorative carpets, sports Pads, mattresses, furniture mattresses, shoes & hats, shoulder pads, artificial leather laminates, coated mattresses, ironing pads, wound dressing,  Artificial blood vessels, heat coats, filtration materials, geotextiles, paper blankets, linoleum, insulation materials and car decorative materials.

Cheap price needle punch exhibit moquette

velour carpet flooring


3-line decoration flooring is made of velvet fabric lined with lace lining.These velvet flooring has traditional Iranian designs.Using these designs in home decoration can add a warm and traditional ambience to the environment.The best quality prints are used in the production of these products.This makes the product highly resistant to washing.The detergents (except bleach) can also be used for washing these floors.

Among the flooring used today in homes, offices, hotels, etc. carpeting may not be the most popular and fashionable, but it is one of the most used flooring that  Nowadays, there is a growing variety of models, designs and brands and of course in the market.

Wool moquette is the best option for cold seasons and special spaces such as the baby room and so on.Flooring we see a great variety today in terms of type, design and color in the market.As a result, finding a carpet that fits the user’s taste and lifestyle is not difficult.However, there are still some things that being aware of when making a purchase makes for a smarter and better quality purchase.Here are some tips we’ll give you.

Wool Moquette Carpet


How much you are going to spend and how much you are bored to clean.Old-fashioned carpeting, low-cost but low-end flooring and even rugged flooring are fast and easy to wash, but thicker and more carpeting are more popular in the market.These high-color carpets are mostly used to cover the floors of bedrooms.They are priced at more than 4,000 yuan, which can be cheaper or more expensive in different designs.Choosing this carpet model, while giving the home a special charm, has its own troubles.Cleaning these carpets in the child’s room has its own disadvantages, especially when edible crumbs enter carpet indentations.

There is also another type of velour carpet on the market that is used in the bedroom and, if installed in high-rise areas, they will be uprooted and crushed earlier.In contrast, carpets with compact wools with long lint are best suited for high-end places.Long and soft lint carpets that are simple and patterned are also a good choice for sitting softer, easier to walk on, and warmer for colder areas, and are a good choice for those with a talent or a headache;  However, it’s harder to keep them clean.

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