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Are wool carpets worth the cost?Is Wool the Best Carpet?What are the benefits of handmade wool Carpet?Life spanQualityWhich One is Better? A Wool or Synthetic CarpetOne more thing to remember;What Is the Wool Blend Carpet?What are some tips for cleaning a wool carpet?Cleaning SolutionsDo We need stain protection on wool carpets?Wholesale of a Wool Carpet at Unbeatable PricesHow to select a genuine wool carpet from a carpet supplier with a wide variety?Remember that shading matters;Best Woolen Carpets Exporter in the World
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The Best wool carpet means it is of high quality, durable, warm and wear-resistant. It should look amazing in any space and provide your home with warmth. It should be soft to the touch and appealing to the eyes. Moreover, such wool carpets offer a luxurious design and look gorgeously in any room of modern or traditional homes. There are different types of wool used in the making of a good quality handmade wool carpet. Merino wool is the best type of wool due to its quality and fineness.  Some people believed that wool should not be used in the making of a carpet since it is chiefly used for clothes.


Are wool carpets worth the cost?


Definitely, the answer is yes. The wool lasts forever, and no matter what you get on it. You can always get spots and stains out with a little soap scrubbing. The pile never seems to crush or flatten out even in high traffic areas. It won’t be sitting in a landfill for the next million years. The best thing is wool never has the fake plastic carpeting smelling gassing in your home. They release fewer noxious chemicals into your home than synthetic fiber carpets. Wool is the ideal fiber for carpet. Its nubby texture and ability to hold its shape means that it can take a lot of foot traffic. This means years of durability despite lots of wear and tear. Wool also has properties that help keep soil and dirt at bay. The outer layer of the fiber has a waxed surface that keeps soil suspended at the top of the carpet so it’s easily cleaned and vacuumed.


Is Wool the Best Carpet?



There are natural oils in wool and it can resist stains and is even fire retardant. Value Wool carpet is considered an investment because you will have the same wool carpet in your home for years longer and most other fibers. Wool is an energy-efficient product and helps regulate the temperature in the home by keeping a room cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Going back to the natural oils in wool, they make it stain-resistant, which means you spend less time worrying about keeping it clean. Wool’s best selling point is that it is renewable and recyclable. However, keep in mind that wool carpet can still get dirty. So it is important to clean the carpet professionally to remove dust mites, dirt grimes, pollutants, allergens, and dirt and to bring back its pristine condition.


What are the benefits of handmade wool Carpet?



Handmade wool carpets are the most durable carpet you can own. Because they contain no glue or adhesives, they do not decay like machine-made ones. Only handmade wool carpet can be thoroughly cleaned because they contain no chemicals that react to water. They are free of chemicals and synthetic fabrics. They are purely organic and won’t harm your family’s health. These carpets are comfortable than those made up of artificial fibers. These also work as heat insulators. If hand-knotted, these are more durable too. Carpets prove to be a great method of home decor.

  • Life span

The life span of woolen Hand-made carpets is made over a period of time with special looms. While the machine-made carpets are manufactured with synthetic materials through powerful machines, and these synthetic materials generally have a shorter life span as compared to raw materials like silk or wool. These hand-made rugs last for generations and their value increases as well.

  • Quality

The quality of the stitches and sewing in the hand-woven wool carpet is above par, due to which it is generally more expensive than a machine-made carpet. The durability of a hand-woven carpet is high as compared to a machine-made one, which also constitutes a reason for the hand-made one to be priced greater than a machine-made.


Which One is Better? A Wool or Synthetic Carpet

It depends on your criteria. Wool carpets are a bit trickier to clean compared to synthetic carpets. You can usually clean them with a water extraction method but you have to be careful not to over-wet them, to use hot water, or to use a high pH cleaner, as these all can damage them. Similarly, anything with a peroxide component won’t be nice to your wool carpets. Tinges, in general, will be harder to remove. Getting dry soil out of the dense wool fibers can also be trickier and you don’t want to hit it too hard with a beater bar on a vacuum either.

  • One more thing to remember;

Wool carpets will be more than double the cost of synthetic carpets. The upside, wool is warm, comfortable and durable. It lasts for a long time. Being a natural fiber, it’s just harder to clean and maintain. Like a wool sweater requires more maintenance than a synthetic sweatshirt. Wool carpet is not filled with all horrible chemicals that will off-gas into your home the way synthetic carpet does. Moreover, it does not need even more noxious chemicals for stain repellency. And those will continue to off-gas more chemicals into your home and eventually.

What Is the Wool Blend Carpet?


As the name suggests, wool blend carpets are a mix of wool and other fibers. Wool blend carpets are most often a mix of 80% wool and 20% synthetic fiber but are available in varying blends, including the latest Wool Bamboo Fiber Blend. Wool and synthetic blends give the benefit of synthetic and wool carpet.  The durability of synthetic fibers and the natural, luxurious feel of wool. Mixing synthetic fiber with wool helps to hold the twist definition in some carpet styles, improving the durability and reducing shedding from short fibers. Wool Bamboo Fiber Blend carpets bring the benefits of two sustainable, high performing materials to the floor for luxurious softness, durability, and natural style.


What are some tips for cleaning a wool carpet?


Use wool detergent and vinegar to clean water-based stains. Whether you need to clean stains like coffee or juice, an approved wool detergent, and white vinegar will clean your wool carpet right up.

  • Cleaning Solutions

  1. Lukewarm water as Stain Remover for Wet Stains.
  2. One teaspoon of wool detergent with one teaspoon of white vinegar in one liter of warm water.
  3. Chill with ice cubes in a plastic bag.


Spills and stains should not stay long on your carpet. You have to prevent permanent damage to your wool carpet. It’s also important to use the right cleaning methods that don’t irritate or damage your wool carpet even further. Use the following tips to tackle common spills and stains on your wool carpet.

  1. To remove ink, mix one teaspoon of dish-washing liquid with water, dab a towel in the mixture, and blot the stain with the towel and dish soap solution.
  2. To remove grease stains, be sure to first remove any food solids. Use a dish soap and water solution and a rag to blot the stain, then dab dry.
  3. If your pet has made a mess on your wool rug, have no fear. First, blot at the mess to remove excess liquid. Then mix dish soap, white vinegar, and water into a solution and gently blot away the stain. Dab dry.
  4. To remove marker from your wool rug, a carpet cleaner works best. Apply the cleaner to your rag, and blot the stain. Then, use warm water to rinse the carpet cleaner and stain out of the fibers.
  5. Use paper towels or a rag to soak up the extra liquid, then blot and remove the stain with a dish soap and water solution. Dab the area dry.
  6. To remove mud, make sure you scrape up any dried or caked mud. If the spot is still pretty wet, soak up the extra liquid using a dry rag or paper towel. Then, apply a dish soap and water solution to the stain, using a rag to blot and then dry the area.
  7. To remove a red stain, blot up extra liquid with a paper towel. Then, mix dish soap, white vinegar, and water to create a stain solution. Spray or dab the stain with the mixture, and blot until the stain is removed.


Do We need stain protection on wool carpets?


The answer is No. Sheep are naturally soil and stain resistant due to the lanolin that coats their wool. In general, the last thing you should ever put on your carpet or furniture is soil and stain repellent chemicals. Those things are neurotoxins, highly poisonous and they off-gas into your home for years. So even if you’re not touching them your breathing them and affected by those chemicals. If you get any spots or dirt on the carpet, just clean them right away with a little bit of soap rubbed into the stain.  Wait 4 minutes, and then blot it out with clean moist towels until the spot is gone. Allow it to dry, and then vacuum. It will look like it never happened.

Wool carpet is very easy to care for. After all, wool is naturally designed to protect sheep from all weathers, in all conditions. It’s naturally stain-resistant, which means that most stains can be easily removed using water and an approved spot cleaning spray. In conclusion, Stain protecting woolens from clean or new when the colors are plain and light is a good idea. Even if It’s not a full-proof guarantee whatever pattern or color the carpet is. Vacuum carpet carefully at least once a week if you don’t have pets, and 2 to 3 times a week, if you do.


Wholesale of a Wool Carpet at Unbeatable Prices


Online shopping carpet stores leading wool carpet suppliers of a unique wool carpet at unbeatable prices. Carpet companies have an enviable reputation for excellent service and amazing value. Operated by several generations for the last century and originating in Iran, they have expanded and operated worldwide in countries such as Australia, Canada, Germany, Iran, Italy, New Zealand, and the United States. These wool companies’ only aim is to assist you to find the ideal wool carpet for your home in bulk at reasonable and affordable prices. The carpeting wholesale companies specialize in a variety of services to suit your home and personal needs as well; cleaning, repair, and restoration designing, consultations, appraisals. Visit online shopping to experience the vast knowledge that has passed through generation to help you find the cheapest place to buy carpet for your home decor.

How to select a genuine wool carpet from a carpet supplier with a wide variety?


When you choose it’s the ideal opportunity for a new cover, the primary thing we recommend you do is set a financial plan. You ought to understand that covering is prevalent like some other stock. The costs you find in the advertisements are for the most part for the slightest costly, least quality cover. One style may have numerous fans in various weights or characteristics. Along these lines, you can introduce a similar shading and example in various weights all through your home, contingent upon the measure of movement every zone gets. In general, you’ll set aside extra cash. You can put the heaviest quality (best) on the stairs and in the family room.

  • Remember that shading matters;

The next thing the vast majority settle on is the general shading plan of the cover. Green, Blue or Beige Shading is critical when you consider that what’s on your floor will impact the other shading decisions for that room or your whole home. It resembles choosing the correct dress when you go out.


Best Woolen Carpets Exporter in the World



Woolen carpet suppliers from Turkey, China, Iran, and India are manufacturer and exporter of hand-made woolen carpets, hand-tufted, hand loop carpets, mats, Stair carpet runner, Carpet by square foot, Berber carpet for sale, cheap carpet for sale, in various patterns and design at any size which is ordered. Best woolen carpet has immense selective suppliers around the world. This product has its own customers in America, Germany, France, Italy, also attracted other countries’ carpet dealers for purchasing and intercommunion.

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